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June 26, 2012
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Man, I love programming. :D
Check out whole story by Mattatatta :iconmattatatta: here: [link]

This is meant to be a boss fight in a bigger game telling a story about Fluttershy from Mattatatta's universe. It's still an early version, so stuff will be altered, re balanced and added. I plan about a total of 14 spells and two different phases.

Hope you enjoy it, because I do. ^^
I'd love to hear your feedback, so please tell me what you think, what you like and what you dislike, you know, the usual stuff. :)

Some tactics (SPOILERS):

Arcane bolts are evil. They don't home but they aim good. Best defense seems to be stationary when she cast it and not move more than necessarily. Also, stay away from corners, because they will bounce back.
If you are stationary you will however probably be hit by water beam, best way to dodge it is to be moving when she cast it.
Flame breath can be devestating, and is hard to outrun. The only safe way to dodge it is to hide in a corner.
Fire runes are rather easy to dodge. Just get out before they get active. They can however cause some panic as they start to fill the floor. They can be washed away by water.
Arcane seekers are kind of creepy and are homing. Later in the development process, they will be the primary way to hurt Twilight.

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